Revolutionize Your Back Office

Human resources, legal/risk management, and real estate are the foundation of your back office. If these areas aren’t operating efficiently and effectively, it’s nearly impossible to grow your business in a healthy, culture-centric manner. Cadence Consulting offers a wide range of services that can help you turn your back office into a competitive differentiator that not only supports business growth – but drives it.

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Human Resources

Today’s employees don’t just want a desk, a paycheck, and a 401(k). Unlike their parents’ generation, they’re loyal to themselves first—the company second. They value work/life balance and genuine camaraderie. They crave flexibility and meaningful work. Simply put, they don’t just want a job. They want to be inspired.

Here’s the good news. No matter your industry, size, location, and history, you have the ability to hire exceptional employees and keep them engaged and happy over the long-run.

We’ll help you unleash the power of your workforce through:

  • Vision, values and mission statements
  • Culture evaluation and strategic planning
  • Team evaluations and needs analysis
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Executive coaching
  • Training and development
  • Employment branding

Risk Management

Effective risk management practices enable companies to operate safely and securely so day-to-day focus remains on growing the business.

With the right people and practices in place, your legal and/or risk management departments can provide invaluable guidance related to employment and IP matters, corporate compliance, contract negotiations, and business transactions.

We’ll help you unleash the power of your workforce through:

  • Risk Tolerance Level Evaluation and Determination
  • Practices and Policies Design and/or Review
  • Labor and Employment Law Advising
  • Legal Department Launch/Operations Refinement
  • Strategies to Lower Outside Legal Fees
  • Board Reporting
  • IPO Preparation

Real Estate

Drab cubicles, windowless offices, and cramped conference rooms are things of the past. Your work environment is a physical representation of your brand, values, and culture. What does your current space say to your current—and potential—employees? What does it say to your investors and partners?

Real estate is a powerful tool for engaging and energizing your workforce. From your company’s physical location to the colors on the walls, we’ll show you how to create a work environment that makes your employees more productive, collaborative, comfortable, safe, and secure.

We’ll help you unleash the power of your work environment through:

  • Current space assessment and recommendations
  • New site selection
  • Office design (or redesign)
  • Facilities department launch and operations
  • Office security and safety
  • Space planning
  • Real estate contracts and leases

Leaving your back office on the back burner isn’t an option anymore. And why would you want to, when you could instead turn it into a powerful competitive advantage?
We can help!